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We are committed to providing customers with a complete aluminum formwork system
solutions, and actively participate in social welfare to implement ESG
(environmental protection/social responsibility/corporate governance) philosophy,
In order to pursue the sustainable operation of the company

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about Us

Precision Formwork Inc. is the overseas agent of Hyundai Form for Hyundai Aluminum

Hyundai Form provides safe working conditions with variable standard and custom sizes.
It can be applied to most construction sites.

Our formwork designers, designers and engineers work together to provide efficient and ideal solutions for our clients' confidence and budget

Hyundai Aluminum is fully supported by high-end technology all over the world, including industrial products in the fields of aluminum formwork, aluminum curtain wall, doors and windows.

About Hyundai Aluminum
1978 Established as a division (Building Materials Division) of Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
1980 Established technical cooperation with ALCAN Canada to start production of anodizing
1980 Established a technical cooperation with Kaiser in the United States and began to produce Cal color
1982 Established technical cooperation with American AWA to complete the installation of automatic painting line.
1987 Established Hyundai Aluminum Industries Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary of Hyundai Business Group
Obtained the Flour polymer Extrusion Coating applicator certificate issued by PPG Industries in 1988
In 1989, the extrusion machine was equipped (3600 tons)
1992 Equipped with extruder (1,800 tons) Operated vertical anodizing workshop and equipped with CNC processing workshop
1995 Obtained ISO 9001 certificate for the design, development, production, installation and service of aluminum extruded rods and assembled windows and curtain wall systems
1998 Merged into Korea Industrial Development Co., Ltd. as a division of Hyundai Aluminum
2002 Hyundai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. became independent from Korea Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
2004 Merged into Doosan Industrial Development Corporation
2005 Hyundai Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary of Toyo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
2006 Established Hyundai Aluminum VINA in Vietnam
2008 Equipped and operated a complete production line (mould, billet, extrusion, CNC fabrication, painting and assembly)
2010 Awarded TCVN 5838-5842:1994 (ISO 6362/1-5:1986-1991)
2011 Opened Hyundai Aluminum VINA in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Specific Information
Raw Material Aluminum Extrusion : Aluminum A6013-T6, A6061-T6
Fabrication: Cutting, welding, CNC, and pressing
Coating: KOTEC-701SN (Acrylic)
Wall Panel: Width 600mm/450mm/300mm X Height 2,450mm X Thickness 66mm
Slab Panel: Width 600mm/450mm/300mm X Length 1,200mm X Thickness 66mm
鋁合金模板產品規格HYUNDAI FORM海外代理

Construction case

Hyundai Aluminum Formwork System鋁模板系統設計推薦Precision Formwork

Hyundai Aluminum Formwork System鋁模板系統設計推薦Precision Formwork

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